Sam Mularczyk

Freelance motion designer

Ten Concept


In 2015, for my final university project at HDK in Göteborg, Sweden, I chose to rebrand Network Ten, a TV channel from back home in Australia. The idea was to emphasise Ten's foray into modern digital platforms and create a unified design language for their brand and on-air presentation.

Bold, bright colours and a focus on typography are intended to reinforce Ten's reputation for clean and simple broadcast design and remind viewers why they fell in love with the channel in the first place. The motif of digital "cards" was used - the same ratio as a playing card, displayed in portrait orientation to reflect the increasing use of smartphones and personal technology.

These cards are used in multiple forms: popping up in the bottom left for notifications, pulling themselves into the center of the screen for signposts and floating in 3d to create dynamic "windows" into the content behind them. In-programme tweets, ad timers and Spotify notifications are just a few ways this rebrand has a digital influence.

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