Sam Mularczyk

Motion & interaction designer


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Willed makes it easy to create a legally-binding will from anywhere. In late 2019, Aron Mayo contacted me to help turn some of his illustrations for the brand into native Lottie animations, to be used throughout the onboarding process.

I was responsible for animating the characters and transitions, ensuring everything would play back smoothly on the web. This involved a lot of testing - we had to determine which Lottie renderer would perform best for each animation.

The hero illustration was turned into a 30 second loop, rendered with Lottie's canvas renderer.

I ensured the outputs were as small and efficient as possible by cleaning up and optimising keyframes. We also used sprites where necessary to overcome Lottie's limitations.

A tutorial to explain how to record messages for your family. Rendered with the SVG renderer.

With my background in web development and digital design, this project was a great exercise to bring motion and code together in an optimal way. It was brilliant working with Aron and the team to get these animations up and running!

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