Sam Mularczyk

Motion & interaction designer

Vote for the Planet

  • Roles
    • Art Direction
    • Design
    • Animation

Climate change was my biggest concern going into the 2022 Australian Federal Election. Driven by this, I wanted to make a short piece to draw attention to the climate crisis and encourage people to put this issue first when heading to the polls.

I designed, built and sound designed this sequence, with textures inspired by dot matrix printers and the traditional pale green of the House ballot paper.

Additionally, I created a set of stories to help people make a climate-forward decision on the day, with tips on how to vote.

Here's a companion video highlighting the custom arrow animations... for no other reason than I was really proud of them.

It's impossible to know if this had any impact, but nevertheless I was really proud of it!! Special thanks to Derek Lau for his feedback!

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